Pony Trekking in Gower

NOTE: Parc-Le-Breos is no longer open.

Parc-Le-Breos is a trekking center less than a mile away from the campsite, and offers trekking across the beautiful Gower beaches, cliffs and woodlands. They offer full day rides as well as a small child's paddock for shorter rides. The day rides also stop at a local pub for a great lunch before continuing the afternoon ride.

Directions from the site

The trekking center is about a mile down the road from the site. You can either walk there directly, following the foot path from the campsite down into Parkmill village (takes 10 - 15 minutes to walk), or you can drive there and leave the car at the trekking center for the day).

Tariff & Booking

Parc-le-breos offer full day rides (£48.00 per person), half days (£35.00) or shorter child rides arround the paddock (£12.00). Double check for more up to date prices). Booking is heavily advisable, so see their website for more details, or give them a call on 01792 371636.